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Telephone lines

Many smaller businesses rely solely on one or two analogue lines. This is often sufficient where there is only one or two telephone connections required or when there is no need to transfer calls between telephones. 

Larger organisations, invariably, have multiple extension users and a requirement to share a large number of lines. These businesses will usually own or rent a PBX Telephone system 

Whatever your requirement, Outsourcevoice will supply and install a range of Telecoms lines from single analogue exchange lines to multiple ISDN30 digital lines.  Installation costs and monthly line rentals are very competitively priced compared to the larger, traditional Telecoms suppliers. 

Our OFCOM, RID accreditated status gives us direct access to the Openreach Wholesale Line Rental (WLR3) system and gives us the ability to book appointments for new installations and test any lines reported to us as faulty. 

Why not give us a call and hear how Outsourcevoice can deliver an unparalleled service offering with very keen pricing?.Contact us now »