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Hosted Telephone systems avoid the need for customers to make a capital investment in a Telephone system. Instead, the system equipment is owned by the Service Provider and is located either in the local Telephone Exchange or in an Internet Service Provider’s premises or Datacentre. Customers rent their telephone service (and can also rent the Telephone instrument itself in some cases). 

Essentially, there are two types of Hosted Telephone system, traditional CENTREX based systems or Voice over IP (VoIP) Internet-based systems. 

In a Centrex system, each individual extension has a dedicated line to the local telephone exchange. The switching equipment is located in the exchange or in a dedicated switching centre in the wider network. Extensions to extension calls are free and there is no contention for lines (traditional PBX) 

Hosted systems are ideal for those customers who want to pay for their services on a ‘’pay as you go’’ basis. Hosted systems are very scalable in that the number of subscribers can be readily increased/decreased as the business changes (subject to contractual arrangements).Contact us now »